Irish Oak Tree Ceremony on Capitol Hill DC to Commemorate the 1916 Rising organised by Senator Daly

Senator Daly leadership in 1916 Garden of Remembrance Initiative inspired event on Capitol Hill, Washington DC praised by US Congressmen

The planting of an Irish Oak and garden took place on Capitol Hill in Washington DC to commemorate the 1916 Rising on Wednesday the 18th of May. The event was inspired by the 1916 Garden of Remembrance Initiative by World famous landscape designer Diarmuid Gavin and Senator Mark Daly.
The event on Capitol Hill is the outcome of a combined effort of Mark Daly, Congressman Mick Mulvaney and Congressman Brendan Boyle. Only 4 times in the last 100 years has permission for such an event being granted by the US Congress. Senator Daly who was in Washington for the event said “I was delighted to work with Congressman Boyle and Mulvaney to make this event a reality, it is a enormous privilege for Ireland to have this recognition of the central moment in our struggle for independence celebrated in the home of the United States Congress. 
Senator Mark Daly first developed the idea to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising by planting trees, creating the 1916 Gardens of Remembrance Initiatives with the help of world renowned landscape designer Diarmuid Gavin. 7 garden design concept were created named after the 7 signatories of the proclamation. Since the launch of the project in 2015 over 200 gardens have been set up across Ireland, a figure which is increasing. The 1916 Gardens of Remembrance: Ireland and her Diaspora is an initiative to ensure an enduring physical legacy following the centenary celebration of the 1916 Rising. These gardens will also ensure public engagement on a local and global level for the Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Senator Daly is the Fianna Fail representative on the all party consultation group that is dealing with the 1916 commemorations and is the Senate Spokes person for the Irish overseas and the Diaspora.

Congressman Boyle wrote to Senator Daly to thank him for his leadership “I appreciate your leadership in bringing this result about. Your leadership and vision with the 1916 Gardens of Remembrance Campaign helped to inspire the tree planting on U.S Capitol grounds”.

Letter from Brendan Boyle



This ceremony followed the unanimous passing of a resolution in House of Representatives commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

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