Senator Mark Daly Secures Funding of €85,000 for a KDYS Mobile Youth Café to Service Kerry’s Youth

Senator Mark Daly, the deputy senate spokesperson for youth affairs , secures funding of €85,000 for a KDYS mobile youth café to service Kerry’s youth.,

“The mobile unit will be designed to make youth work possible in areas where there is little or nothing in the way of provision for young people and add value to areas where there is existing provision”, said Senator Daly.

Tim O’Donoghue of the Kerry Diocesan Youth Services said “The youth café bus will be fully staffed by KDYS personnel and equipped with programmes and activities to involve young people in their own development. This kind of café provides an opportunity to target communities that do not have a dedicated café.”

“A 52 seater coach will be purchased and converted into the mobile youth café which will make a youth café availabe to those who would normally be too far away from ones in Killarney or Killorglin, the aim is to bring the youth café to the youth” said Senator Daly.

The Youth Café Bus will be a specialised mobile “Safe, dedicated, quality meeting space for young people ranging in age from 10 to 25 years” said Mr O’Donoghue.

The youth café bus will offer recreational, social and personal education for young people through safe social space, activities, and resources designed to meet the specific needs of each group in each area, in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

To see more work done for the Kerry area click here. 

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