Senator Daly Publishes Red Tape Report in order to create jobs

Red Tape ReportValentia Island Red Tape Report  

At a time when the economic landscape is becoming increasingly unpredictable, the local community in Valentia is coming up with innovative ways of either expanding existing local enterprises or starting up new ones with the long-term aim of providing permanent employment opportunities and ultimately sustaining this rural community.

However, it appears that at every juncture, such local initiatives are being hindered by red tape, with the result being the continued decline of this rural community.

Working with the Fianna Fáil Cumann and others, Mark has compiled the ‘Valentia Island Red Tape Report’. This report attempts to address each reason for refusal (or in the case of the marina, the reason for its delay) with what we consider to be viable solutions.

It is estimated that the cases considered in this report have the potential to deliver the following:

  • 72 full time jobs;
  • 42 short term building jobs (1 to 2 years);
  • 25 further potential job opportunities associated with 3 other project;
  • 7 seasonal job.