Funding for Action Lesotho

Senator Daly was delighted to work with Action Lesotho to help them receive a grant from Irish Aid.

Action Lesotho is a community based voluntary organisation that has been in existence since 2006; in its support of the MDGs it aims to assist and empower communities in Lesotho; alleviate the devastating effects of poverty and HIV/AIDS by working closely with community led groups to jointly support vulnerable and orphaned children, the disabled and those unable to gain employment by developing a variety of initiatives.

Action Lesotho links villages in Lesotho with villages and towns in Ireland to enable participation that enriches people in both countries

Lesotho is severely afflicted by HIV/AIDS. According to recent estimates, the prevalence is about 23.2%, one of the highest in the world. In urban areas, about 50% of women under 40 have HIV. Lesotho Bureau of Statistics stated that in 2001 life expectancy was estimated at 48 years for men and 56 for women. Recent statistics estimate about 37 years. The average life expectancy is 41.18 for men and 39.54 for women.

Below is the link for the Action Lesotho Website which give regular updates on the organisation including:

an article on a Tralee girl who rececntly won the title of Young Ambassador of 2011;

impression from a volunteer who returned to Ireland this winter;

and much more news and information.


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