365 Gardens of Remembrance to commemorate 1916 Rising installed Nationwide

365 Gardens of Remembrance to commemorate the 1916 Rising Installed Nationwide

Senator Mark Daly first developed the idea to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising by planting trees, creating the 1916 Gardens of Remembrance Initiatives with the help of world renowned landscape designer Diarmuid Gavin. 7 garden design concept were created named after the 7 signatories of the proclamation. Since the launch of the project in 2015 over 200 gardens have been set up across Ireland, a figure which is increasing. The 1916 Gardens of Remembrance: Ireland and her Diaspora is an initiative to ensure an enduring physical legacy following the centenary celebration of the 1916 Rising. These gardens will also ensure public engagement on a local and global level for the Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Senator Daly is the Fianna Fail representative on the all party consultation group that is dealing with the 1916 commemorations and is the Senate Spokes person for the Irish overseas and the Diaspora.

1916 Gardens of Remembrance Brochure



Senator Daly’s hometown of Kenmare unveils Garden of Remembrance

On Friday 13th of May a ceremony was held in the new Kenmare 1916 Garden of Remembrance. The event was an All-Female Ceremony in honour of all the women who participated during the 1916 Rising. The Defence Forces provided an all-female colour party in honour of Rosalie Rice who sent the telegram from Kenmare Post Office to inform America that the Rising had started. Senator Mark Daly, Cllr. Patrick Connor-Scarteen and Cllr. Dan McCarthy were the event committee co-chairs. Stuart Dwyer, Chargee d’Affair of the U.S. Embassy and Moira Murrell, Chief Executive of Kerry County Council were the guests of honour.

A list of the other towns, villages and cities across Ireland who have also installed Gardens of Remembrance:

County Carlow
County Cavan
County Clare
County Cork
County Donegal
County Dublin
County Galway

County Kerry
County Kildare
County Kilkenny
County Laois
County Leitrim

County Limerick
County Longford
County Louth
County Mayo
County Meath
County Monaghan
County Offaly
County Sligo
County Tipperary
County Waterford
County Wexford
County Wicklow