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Active Citizenship means to play an active role in the society in which we live. It is about how we treat others whilst being accepting of differences and remaining conscious of the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion. It is about acknowledging that while we, as citizens, have rights but responsibilities also. By actively participating as citizens, together we can create the society we want – at home in the family, by volunteering in our community and by voting in elections and referendums.

Active Citizenship requires leadership. Therefore, it is important we choose our representatives carefully and those which we trust. Elected representatives must carry out their role in an accountable and open manner. By taking responsibility together for our society is the best way to make Ireland the ideal place where we want to live.

Seanad Éireann Moment of Silence for Bloody Sunday 1920

In November, the Seanad held a moment of silence for the fourteen victims who were killed by British Army Black & Tan forces at Croke Park on the 21st of November 1920. The events of that day unfolded during a Gaelic Football match between Dublin and Tipperary. The victims were innocent bystanders simply enjoying a sporting event, and the youngest Jerome O’Leary was merely 10 years old.

The moment of silence coincided with the GAAs centenary commemoration of the massacre. It was an honour to read aloud the names of each victim in the Seanad and give them the recognition they deserve. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha.

2021 will be a year of further centenary commemorations and I hope to mark these events in a similar manner.

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ISL Act 2017 Commencement Debate

On December 15th I was delighted to welcome Minister Anne Rabbitte to the Seanad to take part in the Commencement Debate on the Irish Sign Language Act 2017. The Act represents many years of tough campaigning from the ISL community, and I was happy take up their fight in the Seanad .

The ISL Act awards rights to the 50,000 ISL users in Ireland and was only the 6th Bill passed by an opposition Senator. I look forward to continuing my work with Minister Rabbitte and others to promote the rights of ISL users and those of the Irish Deaf Community. I hope to see continued, and improved, use of the Irish Sign Language in both Houses of Government in the coming years.

A full transcript of the ISL Act 2017 can be found here:

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Chairman Richard Neal (US Senate) addresses Seanad Special Committee on Brexit

Recently the Seanad Special Committee on Brexit was honoured to have an address from Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass), who is also Chairman on the Ways and Means Committee. Chairman Neal has long been a friend of the Irish people and used his position in the US Senate to promote Irish interests, including the pursuit of peace with the Good Friday Agreement. Over the last number of years I have been lucky to develop a relationship with Chairman Neal and I hope to remain in contact with him in the coming years.

Support from our allies in the US and Europe was crucial in negotiating a Brexit deal which represented Irish interests and ensured continued peace on our island. I would like to thank Chairman Neal and his colleagues in the US Senate for playing their part in making such a deal possible. Brexit has brought challenges to our island but with co-operation in Europe, Northern Ireland and the UK we can endeavour to overcome those challenges.

A full recording of Chairman Neal’s address can be found here:

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UN Flag to fly at Leinster House during Irelands Membership of UN Security Council

The Ceann Comhairle and I have recently come to the decision that the UN flag will fly outside Leinster House for the duration of Irelands two year membership on the UN Security Council. Ireland has served as a member of the UN Security Council three times previously in our nations history: 1962, 1981-1982 and 2001-2002.

In an increasingly polarised world the UN represents an opportunity to work with nations around the world and endeavour to bring us closer together. Our themes for the campaign of Partnership, Empathy and Independence represent who we are and what we will aspire to achieve while members of the Security Council. I would like to wish our representative on the Security Council, Ms. Geraldine Byrne Nason, and her team the very best of luck in their work.

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Seanad Moment of Silence for Jadotville heroes

Recently in the Seanad I was honoured to to hold a moment of silence for the Irish Army soldiers, and their counterparts from Norway and Sweden, who served as UN peacekeepers at the Niemba Ambush during the Congolese Civil War on November 8th 1960. The bravery, dignity and compassion these soldiers displayed in the face of true danger is a lesson to all Irish people, and after many years of being undervalued and forgotten I am happy they are finally receiving the respect and honour they deserve.

Their legacy lives on through the Irish Defence Forces continued and committed involvement in UN peacekeeping missions across the globe. To date, our nation has taken part in 20 missions globally and completed 70,000 individual tours of duty. We are the largest contributor per capita in Western Europe to UN peacekeeping missions.

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