2 years on, not 1 recommendation of the Oireachtas Committee Report on a United Ireland has been actioned by the Government

Two years ago today, the first report in the history of the State by a Dáil and Senate Committee, compiled by Senator Mark Day was launched. The 1, 232 page report passed unanimously by the All Party Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement entitled ‘Brexit and the Future of Ireland: Uniting Ireland & Its People in Peace & Prosperity’ made 17 recommendations.

Included in these 17 recommendations were

  • Further research into the income and expenditure for Northern Ireland should be carried out
  • The establishment of a New Ireland Forum 2 is recommended to set a pathway to achieve the peaceful reunification of Ireland.
  • Establish an international task force with experts in security so that plans to meet any risks may be devised and implemented.
  • Fears and concerns of the Unionist community need to be examined, understood and addressed comprehensively by all stakeholders in advance of any referendum.

Speaking today Senator Daly again called on the Government to implement the Committee’s recommendations “Absolutely none of the recommendations of the all party committee have been implemented, this is a clear case of policy neglect and policy neglect seldom goes unpunished. The Taoiseach has spoken as recently as the McGill summer school on the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, especially faced as we are now with the prospect of a no deal Brexit, yet he is doing none of the necessary preparation in advance of the possible/ probable referendum on a new agreed Ireland.”

Senator Daly continued “Brexit has taught us many lesson, the most important being, you do not hold a referendum without the prior work being completed, any referendum on a united Ireland needs the preparation to start now, not when we are faced with the question at the ballot box.”

Senator Daly has been working with experts in their fields to produce research reports to address many of the committee’s recommendations including Michael Ortiz who served as the first US diplomat focused on countering violent extremism (CVE) policy at the US Department of State during the Obama Administration and 2 UNESCO chairs, Professor Pat Dolan and Professor Mark Brennan, who wrote a report on the possible return to violence as a result of a no deal Brexit or a rushed borer poll.


The full report compiled by Senator Daly is available here. The report is based on writings and contributions including those by High Court Justice Richard Humphreys, Congressman Brendan Boyle, Professor emeritus Christian Tomuschat.

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