ITV – “Committee sets out plan for Irish unity after Brexit”


An Irish government committee which examined the impact of Brexit on Ireland has set out a proposal to find a way towards Irish unity.

They have suggested the creation of a “New Ireland Forum 2” to achieve a nationalist consensus on how to unite the island.

It is one of a number of recommendations contained in the 1,200 page document, which was published in Dublin on Wednesday.

The report said: “The roadmap to achieve the constitutional aspiration of the peaceful reunification of Ireland and its peoples under the Good Friday Agreement could begin in the same way as the original New Ireland Forum.

“We recommend the establishment of A New Ireland Forum 2 which would be the mechanism whereby the status quo logjam and long-term consequence of Brexit for the people of this island could be addressed.”

The cross-party Irish parliamentary committee also calls for:

  • The Irish Government to negotiate special status for Northern Ireland within the EU
  • The protection of EU structural funding for Northern Ireland
  • No return to passport controls

The Ulster Unionist Party has branded the report highly biased – while the DUP leader was also dismissive of the proposals.

Arlene Foster said: “From an economic point of view, it is a no-brainer when you see the benefits we gain from our membership of the UK.

“So that is a non-runner. It is not a matter for reports from the Dáil. It is a matter for the people of Northern Ireland.”

Meanwhile nationalists have welcomed the report’s findings.


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