EU Leaders’ decision on United Ireland and Brexit a step forward – Daly

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Fianna Fáil Senator, Mark Daly has welcomed the commitment from the leaders of the 27 remaining EU member countries that in the event of a United Ireland, Northern Ireland will be readmitted to the Union automatically.
Senator Daly was commenting ahead of the EU Council summit this weekend where it is expected that the issue of the future of Northern Ireland, post reunification, will be discussed.
“This is good news for the 56% of the people of Northern Ireland who voted to remain in the European Union in the referendum last year.  It now provides a clear pathway for those who value membership of the EU to retain it.
“This acceptance of the position as contained in the Good Friday Agreement is a welcome development from EU Leaders.
“The job of those of us who favour both a United Ireland is to convince those in the north who are unsure about such a change that it is in their best interests socially and economically.
“Last week, I published a new report, Brexit and the Future of Ireland: Uniting Ireland and It’s People in Peace and Prosperity, which outlines in detail the options for the island of Ireland in the wake of Brexit.
“The report will be on the agenda for discussion at the Joint Committee for the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement next Thursday the 4th of May.
“The commitment from EU leaders that is expected this weekend makes it clear that there is a pathway for retaining EU membership via a United Ireland.
“This step forward is only the start. We all need to do more to bring about a United Ireland through active consent. That process starts now,” concluded Daly.

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