New report outlines options for Ireland in wake of Brexit – Daly

First report of its kind show path to peaceful unity of Ireland

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Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs Mark Daly has published a new report which outlines in detail the options for the island of Ireland in the wake of Brexit.
The ‘Brexit and the Future of Ireland: Uniting Ireland and It’s People in Peace and Prosperity’ report contains submissions and writings from key figures who have been involved in conflict resolution across the globe. The contributors include counter-terrorism expert and former advisor to the President of the United States Barack Obama, Michael R Ortiz. Dr Kurt Hubner of the University of British Columbia, who came before the Joint Committee, also constructed economic models of scenarios of Irish unification, one of which showed a benefit of €36.5 billion in the first 8 years of unification.
Senator Daly said, “the Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement agreed that I would be the rapporteur to produce a detailed report on the impact of Brexit and its implications for the island of Ireland. To date much of the discussion on Brexit has focused on the huge difficulties associated with the UK decision to leave the EU. The report I have produced aims to highlight the economic and social opportunities that have arisen for the entire island of Ireland in the wake of Brexit.
“The purpose of this report is to take on board the opinions and feedback of people involved in conflict resolution and reunification efforts across the globe. The report sets out a clear roadmap to the peaceful unity of Ireland and its people following the decision by the UK to leave the European Union. The report highlights that the majority of people on the island of Ireland want to remain in the European Union, and that this can be achieved through a United Ireland. The report outlines the future of this island, the opportunities and obstacles that have arisen as a result of Brexit and the steps that need to be taken to achieve a United Ireland through peaceful means.
“The report focuses on the huge challenges facing Northern Ireland when it leaves the European Union. Economic analysis shows that Northern Ireland is currently ranked 44th on the UN Human Development Index, but is set to tumble to below 50th position after Brexit joining the likes of Kazakhstan and Belarus. The report emphasises that Northern Ireland would face a brighter economic and social future within the European Union in a United Ireland.
“This is a comprehensive report which shows what Ireland needs to do to achieve a peaceful reunification of the island of Ireland. It also offers a view to the committee on what conditions Ireland should seek in the final negotiations between the EU and the UK. As a member of the Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement I intend to continue highlighting not only the drawbacks of Brexit, but also the opportunities that it presents us with.”

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