Section 5: Good Friday Agreement

Please see below summary to Section 5 of the report “Good Friday Agreement” Section 5 in full is available at the link

Section 5 Good Friday Agreement


In this section of the Report for the Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good

Friday Agreement we outline the infrastructure of the Good Friday Agreement. The

agreement is included in full in the appendix of this section.

Strand I: The Assembly and Executive with in Northern Ireland

Strand II: The North South Ministerial Council

Strand III: The British Irish Council

The report looks at some of the provisions of the Agreement that have still to be

implemented such as, Bill of Rights, Civic Forum, North South Consultative Forum and

the Irish Language Act. We highlight that even with Ireland’s membership since 2011 of

the International Court of Justice, as Northern Ireland is not covered by the ICJ there

are limited avenues to address breaches of the Good Friday Agreement by the British

government or any signatory. This flaw in the Agreement needs to be addressed.

High Court Justice Humphrey’s book ‘Countdown to Unity’ looked at developing and

expanding the architecture and infrastructure of the Good Friday Agreement and his

analysis is included here. Justice Humphreys looks at the idea of an East – West

Parliamentary Body and the Constitutionality or other wise of it. The concept and again

the constitutionality of judicial branch of government to resolve disputes of North-South

& East-West Parliamentary Bodies is explored. Justice Humphreys also analyses

the opportunity of a North-South Implementation Body and the possible gains from

East-West Administrative Bodies. An All Island Civic forum to assist the North South

structure is also explored. Finally,in this section High Court Justice Humphreys looks at

the continuation of the infrastructure of the Good Friday Agreement ‘into the long term’

and after a referendum for a united Ireland.


That Northern Ireland is included in the jurisdiction of the International Court of

Justice to resolve disputes arising from the Good Friday Agreement


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