184,000 Votes Secure Senator Daly 3rd Term

184,000 votes secures Senator Daly 3rd Term

In his third election for the Senate Senator Mark Daly secured a massive 184,000 vote. Beating all his rivals by a large margin and receiving 40,000 votes over to quote. Record show it was one of the largest vote secured by any Party candidate in the 32 senate elections since the foundations of the state.
‘I was very humbled by the show of support by the electorate and I am very grateful for them placing their trust in me’
Senator Daly was first elected to the Senate in 2007 where as a first time candidate he beat all his party rivals including 3 incumbent party senators topping the poll. He repeated the feat in the 2011 Senate election again topping the poll.
With the support of his fellow party senators he was made the Deputy Leader of largest elected Party Group in the 32nd Senate

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