Order of Business 27/1/16

I propose an amendment to the Order of Business. I know the Leader will be supportive of the publication of the national anthem copyright and related matters (amendment) Bill. I would like that item to be taken before No. 1 to give leave for it to be published. I spoke about the matter previously. It is important that anything to do with the State and nation be protected and the national anthem is one of those. I ask for an amendment to the Order of Business in that regard.

27 1 2016 seanad

I support my colleague, Senator MacSharry, on the banking inquiry report. Many of its findings will make for uncomfortable reading in European Union institutions – its findings in that regard are strong and forthright – but also among the commentariat which had a singular view as to who was responsible for the banking crisis. The narrative needs to change in that regard. In reality we now find that the regulator, the Central Bank and most importantly the banks lied to the people. The banks misled the Government and did not tell the truth. If the truth had been told at the time and if the proper information had been given to the late Minister, Brian Lenihan, and the previous Government, then different decisions would have been made and there would have been a different outcome. The blackmail to which the previous Government and the Irish people were subjected as a result of the treatment visited upon them by the EU will be remembered in Ireland. Members should bear in mind that a day will come when there might be another referendum on the EU and the Irish people will have long memories in that regard. They will not forget our treatment by the EU and there will be long-term consequences because people in this country have lost faith in the European Union as a result of its treatment of us. We were treated as a very small player in a very big financial crisis.



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