The Irish Sign Language Bill

October 2016 – Cross party support for Senator Daly’s Recognition of Irish Sign Language Bill 2016

Senators have given their support to a bill which would see Irish Sign Language recognised in law as an official language.

Bill entitled an Act to provide for the recognition of Irish Sign Language and for that purpose to set down principles to guide the operations of public bodies; to require public bodies to prepare and implement action plans on Irish Sign Language. The legislation would mean that Irish Sign Language could be used in court proceedings and every public body would be required to provide services through sign language. The State would also have to provide interpreters for deaf students. Broadcasters would be required to subtitle television programmes.

Finian McGrath, Minister of State with responsibility for Disabilities speaking during the Seanad discussion.jpg

Next the Bill will be amended to take into consideration others’ suggestions that will improve it further, it will then be debated further, then it will move to the Dáil. It will hopefully progress as fast as possible seeing as it has received support from all sides.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Senator Daly is a Nominee of the Deaf Society of Ireland to Seanad Eireann. He works tirelessly to have their issues addressed. The recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL) is a very important issue. It will ensure equal rights for the deaf community and give them easier access to services. Under the Good Friday Agreement, ISL was to be officially recognised by both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Click here to view Bill: Recognition of Irish Sign Language for the Deaf Community Bill 2016 [Seanad] [PMB] as initiated (in PDF format)


Launch of the Formal Recognition of Irish Sign Language Report



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