Irish Flag can now be Flown at Night Thanks to Protocol Change

The protocols for the flying of the Irish flag have been changed to allow the flag to be flown at night, it has been announced. Up to now, it was required that the flag be taken down at sunset according to protocols issued by the Taoiseach’s department.

According to Senator Mark Daly, who is a member of the government’s all-party consultation group on the decade of commemorations beginning with the 1916 Rising, the flag can now be flown at night, provided it is properly illuminated.

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According to research, “the history of the tricolour shows that the first time the tricolour flag was flown by Thomas F Meagher was on the March 7, 1848, and it flew continuously day and night until removed by the authorities”

Then, on the second occasion it flow, “from the GPO on Easter Monday 1916 … again it flew day and night until the end of the Rising”.

Thus, the protocols and guidelines have been changed to reflect the history and origins of the flag and allow for the flag to be flown at night once illuminated.

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According to a statement issued by Daly’s office, these precedents mean that “it is entirely appropriate to fly the flag with pride and respect at all times”.

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