Senator Daly speaks on political instability in Northern Ireland

On 23rd Sept 2015 Senator Mark Daly spoke in Seanad about the political instability in Northern Ireland and highlighted how the lack of engagement by both governments was effecting the daily lives of the Northern people.

“What is occurring has been used by all sides to try to distract from the real issues affecting the day-to-day lives of citizens in the North and the need to improve their lives and ensure they can go about their normal business. Most of what is happening is, to a large degree, being used for political purposes. Long-term, sustained engagement by the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach, not just engagement when there is a crisis, is required if we are to have the solutions required to keep the peace in the North. Dealing with the past, flags and parades is part of this process, but the Stormont House Agreement needs to be addressed. Whatever funding is required from the British Exchequer to ensure the stability we have witnessed in recent years is maintained is a matter the Government needs to pursue.”

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