Ibrahim’s 2nd Anniversary in Egyptian Prison- No action by An Taoiseach

•Irish citizen Ibrahim’s Halawa second anniversary in Egyptian Prison
• An Taoiseach must intervene with Egyptian president
19 year old Ibrahim Halawa an Irish born citizen has been in jail in Egypt win out trial for 2 years. Today the 17th of August marks the 2nd anniversary of The Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience arrest and imprisonment
Amnesty International has conducted a thorough investigation of the case and determined that Ibrahim is innocent of all charges, however An Taoiseach Enda Kenny still refuses to intervene with the Egyptian president on Ibrahim’s behalf.
“Today Ibrahim has spent two whole years imprisoned and the Irish Government needs to do more, we need to follow the example of the Australian government and ask for Ibrahim’s release by Presidential decree as occurred with Peter Greste following sustained representation by its Prime Minister Abbot” Senator Daly said
The lack of engagement demonstrated by An Taoiseach towards an Irish citizen’s wrongful arrest must be of concert to all citizens. For 2 years – 730 days- Mr Halawa has been in jail in Cairo, facing mass trials, a possible death sentence, horrific abuse and torture.
Following on from the incorrect reports of charges facing Ibrahim by An Taoiseach and the complete lack of urgency of the Government in this case, the prolonged wrongful imprisonment of Ibrahim is an issue that should be at the forefront of the Government’s agenda.

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