Chaos and Confusion between Irish & Egyptian Embassies

Confusion and Chaos between Irish and Egyptian embassies over Foreign Affairs member’s attendance at Trail of Irish born Citizen Ibrahim Halawa with 494 other defendants this Sunday.

There is absolute chaos between the Irish and Egyptian embassies in Cairo and Dublin respectively over who should arrange Senate spokesperson for the Irish Overseas and member of the Foreign affairs committee Senator Mark Daly attendance at the mass trial with 494 other defendants of Irish born citizen Ibrahim Halawa this Sunday in Cairo. Ibrahim has been deemed a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International and is innocent of all charges according to the Amnesty report.

“On the date of the trial Ibrahim will have spent 715 day in jail and the Irish Government needs to do more, we need to follow the example of the Australian government and ask for Ibrahims release by Presidential decree as occurred with Peter Greste following sustained representation by its Prime Minister Abbot”

In replies to requests to attend the trial Senator Daly received the following from the Egyptian embassy in Dublin.

“Requesting a visit to the prison or attending the court hearing should be done by your Embassy in Cairo to the competent authorities in Egypt.”

Following contact with the Irish embassy in Cairo the Kerry Senator got this reply

“access to the court hearing or to the prison is a matter for the Egyptian authorities, you might therefore wish to contact the Egyptian Ambassador in Dublin”
The confusion over trying to gain access to the trail and Ibrahim in jail is very concerning and this follows on from confusion over incorrect reports of the murder charges facing Ibrahim being reduced which the Tasoiasech mistakenly repeated in the Dail and confusion by the Department of Foreign Affairs as to why Ireland can not follow Australia’s example of looking for Ibriaham release by Presidential decree

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