Kenmare senator says Kerry ambulance service faces “real crisis”


KENMARE Fianna Fáil senator Mark Daly charged this week that life-or-death 999 calls made in Kerry are taking two to three times longer to be responded to than the target time recommended by the HSE.

Daly says that every day in Kerry a critically-ill patent could be left waiting up to an hour for an ambulance, adding that “we’re facing a rreal crisis in ambulance service.”

“The Government is completely ignoring the crisis in our local ambulance service,” says Daly. “In Kerry the HSE removed the 2nd emergency ambulance from Killarney and prior to that they took the emergency ambulance from Millstreet which covered South and East Kerry and Killarney.  That is why the response times are so bad” says Daly.

“The decision to remove the 2nd emergency ambulance is resulting in people dying unnecessarily. It also means that those who have strokes and heart attacks are not getting treatment immediately, therefore stay longer in hospitals and need more help in recovery and more care in the long term which is costing more in the long run.

“People have a right to expect that they will receive a safe and timely response in the event of life-threatening emergencies,” he added.


The West Cork Times

by Stephen Johnson

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