Families in Kerry To Pay Bill for Private Consultants- Daly

-No explanation offered for massive reduction in free allowances –

Fianna Fáil Kerry Senator Mark Daly, says the confirmation this week that the public will pick up Irish Water’s consultancy bill will cause considerable anger in homes throughout Kerry and across the country.

Senator Daly commented: “This week we finally had confirmation that the massive consultancy bill paid during the setting up of Irish Water will be borne by customers in Kerry and across the country. The manner in which the Government tried to hide the massive cost of private consultants and the way in which the scale of it was finally revealed did enormous damage to the credibility of this quango. The confirmation that families in Kerry will be footing some of the bill directly through their new bills will cause considerable anger.

“It is also disappointing that the Regulator and the Government did not answer questions before the parliament to explain the dramatic reduction in free allowances for children, cut by a massive 44% from 38,000 litres to 21,000 litres. This failure to explain the move is unfortunately typical of the way the Government has conducted its Irish Water business since day one.

“Minister Alan Kelly, who has been highly conspicuous in his absence from any discussion about his new quango, needs to explain why he thinks it is fair to ask customers in Kerry to pay for expensive consultants, outline why free allowances have been slashed and acknowledge his failure to put in place a fair scheme for families who cannot even drink the water they are provided with.”

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