Property tax, greyhounds and everything else happening in Leinster House today

WHAT’S GOING ON in Leinster House?

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So, here is what we can expect to be happening in the Dáil, Seanad and Committee rooms today…

3 things we’ll be keeping an eye on

  • Dáil: Leaders’ Questions – The Tánaiste steps up for his first outing at the new time of midday for questions from the opposition parties and Technical Group.
  • Committee: Property tax – TDs get a chance to grill the chair of the Revenue Commissioners Josephine Feehily at 3pm in Committee Room 3 over the property tax fiasco of recent weeks.
  • Dáil: Finance Bill – TDs continue debate on the legislation concerning taxation measures announced in the Budget last month between 10.45am and midday and then again at 12.41pm.

Everything else that’s happening in the Dáil

  • Leo Varadkar will have to get out of bed earlier if he’s to be in the Dáil on time at 9.30am to take questions on his transport, tourism and sport portfolio.
  • The Order of Business gets under way at 12.21pm followed by the consideration of two EU motions without debate.
  • After debate on the Finance Bill, TDs will consider Local Government Bill – which overhauls local authorities in Ireland – before 4.42pm when Topical Issues get under way.
  • The Dáil adjourns at 5.30pm.

Everything else that’s happening in the Seanad

  • Senators begin their day with the Order of Business at 10.30am followed by consideration of a motion on the agreement between Canada and the EU on the transfer and processing PNR data. That’s Passenger Name Record data to you and I.
  • At midday the Children’s Minister will update senators on her Youth Justice Policy.
  • Then at 2.30pm debate on the report and final stages of the Social Welfare Bill continues before Matters on the Adjournment.
  • After that, the upper house adjourns itself for the weekend.

Everything else that’s happening in the Committees

  • The Environment Committee has a long day as it considers submissions on the reform of local government from a variety of representative organisations including those from local authority associations and business groups from 9.45am in Committee Room 3.
  • The Health Committee continues its End of Life Care hearings at 10am in Committee Room 2 where it hears from the Jack and Jill Foundation among others in the morning and then the Irish Hospice Foundation from midday.
  • The Public Accounts Committee meets in Committee Room 1 at 10am to hear from the CEO of Bord na gCon, the Irish Greyhound Board, Adrian Neilan on the board’s annual accounts for 2011.

Here’s how to watch what’s going on in Leinster House today


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