Latest property tax fiasco adds to distress of Kerry homeowners – Daly

Kerry Senator Mark Daly has said the latest fiasco in the collection of the property tax is causing considerable distress among homeowners in Kerry.

According to the Fianna Fáil Senator, Kerry homeowners who paid the tax in one go this year could soon receive letters asking them to pay next year’s property tax before Christmas.

“It’s only a few months since Kerry homeowners paid their property tax for 2013.  Now many of them are receiving letters asking them to pay the full amount for next year before Christmas.  They are being given little warning and they have absolutely no choice in the matter if they wish to pay the tax in one go,” said Senator Daly.

“Unfortunately this is just the latest controversy in what has been a fiasco from the beginning.   The entire basis of this property tax is flawed.   It is simply unfair to slap a tax on the family home at a time when the mortgage crisis in Kerry continues to worsen and little has been done to help families in serious difficulty.   The roll out of the tax has also been a mess and has created confusion and frustration at every turn.  Now this ridiculous system, which essentially penalises those homeowners who want to pay in one go, is causing even more distress.

“Why should those Kerry homeowners who wish to get the tax out of the way in one go be penalised for doing so with a ridiculously early deadline that coincides with the most expensive time of the year?  Property tax bills for next year will be twice as much as they were this year, as the full annual amount will apply.  Most people won’t be able to hand over the full amount with little warning in the lead up to Christmas.

“I am calling on the Government to intervene here before this causes more problems. Homeowners who wish to pay in one go must be given the option to do so next year.”

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