Organ Donation Consultation

Senator Mark Daly has reiterated that the most important thing Ireland can do to improve its transplant rate is to have one National Organ Donation Authority and organ donor coordinators in hospitals

Senator Daly’s comments follow the release of a report by the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children recommending that the Government introduce a soft “opt out” system for organ donation. Senator Daly stated “We are in favour of any progressive move in relation to consent. however as a Seanad nominee of the Irish Kidney Association I believe that the government should follow the findings of the last consultative process and the advice of the head of the Spanish Transplant Authority Dr Rafael Matesanz. We should have one National Organ Donation Authority and we should appoint organ donor coordinators in hospitals. ”

“Reports in Spain and the United Kingdom have concluded that the high rate of organ donation in these countries cannot conclusively be attributed to the presumption of consent, and we must remember this. There are currently over 650 people, 1 in 10 of whom will die, awaiting heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas organ transplants in Ireland. This does not include this who are taken off the transplant list as they are deemed too sick to receive one. Dialysis cost the state 1.2 billion over 10 years. If the 500 people who are currently awaiting a kidney transplant were to receive a donation the resulting saving to the tax payer would be 325,000,000. We need to introduce proper systems. The correct new system could increase the number of successful transplants, reduce waiting times by years and improve people’s lives.

We note the previous consultation process on the consent issue by the department of health in 2009, 30 submissions were received form organisations and representatives bodies.

1 favoured opt-out system (TCD/HSE Specialist Training Programme in General Practise)

23 favoured the opt-in system

3 favoured forms of mandated choice or required request.

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