FF calls on Deputy Griffin to remove deceptive Seanad referendum posters

Cynical claims being used to mask straightforward Power Grab

Fianna Fáil has called on Fine Gael TD Brendan Griffin to remove his Seanad abolition posters in the Kerry South constituency, after his Government colleagues admitted that a key claim on the posters is incorrect.

Fianna Fáil’s Mark Daly commented: “We have now seen a procession of senior Government figures including the Education Minister rightly admit that Fine Gael is misleading voters by claiming that abolishing the Seanad will save €20 million.  The figure has been admitted as ‘erroneous’ while the completely independent Clerk of the Dáil has stated on the record that any potential savings would be less than half of what the Government is claiming.

“The Fine Gael posters use the €20 million figure as the top reason to convince voters to abolish the Seanad next month.  Given that senior Government figures have confessed that the claim is untrue, will he remove the party’s propaganda that proudly boasts this false claim in the constituency? Or are Government TDs content to continue to patronise and mislead voters in Kerry?

“Fine Gael is relying on misleading claims and threats to push voters into abolishing the Seanad next month.  They are using dishonest arguments to mask what is essentially a straightforward power grab and attempt to close down debate.  Voters in Kerry will not be fooled by these cynical tactics.  I am urging local people to stand up and demand real reform by voting No on October 4th.”

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