100th Birthday of Fr. Joseph Mallin last surviving child of the 1916 Rising

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His father, Michael Mallin, was executed as Rising leader in 1916


IrishCentral Staff Writers,
Irish government sends birthday wishes to Father Joseph Mallin on his 100th birthday, the last child of the Ireland's Easter Rising 1916

Senator Mark Daly, member of the All Party Decade of  Commemorations, has joined President Higgins and Minister Jimmy Deenihan,  Chairman of the Decade of Commemorations Committee, in sending birthday wishes  to Father Joseph Mallin on his 100th birthday, this coming Friday.

Early last week the Senator sent a letter along with  letters from the Minister and President with a grand niece of Fr Mallin who will  be in Hong Kong for the birthday Celebrations. Senator Daly is also encouraging  members of the public to send best wishes to Father Mallin who is the last  surviving child of any of the Easter  Rising leaders.

Father Joseph Mallin was just two years old when  along with his mother he visited his father, Michael,  prior to his execution at Kilmainham Gaol for his role in the Easter Rising.  As Chief of Staff of the Irish Citizen Army, Michael Mallin was  second-in-command to James Connolly.

Before he was shot, on May 8, 1916, Michael wrote to  his family, telling his baby son: “Joseph, my little man, be a priest if you  can.”

Joseph became a priest. He is now entering his 100th  year and lives in Hong Kong, China. There, he worked at the Wah Yan College, a  Roman  Catholic secondary school for boys run by the Society of Jesus, Ireland.

Michael Mallin was survived by his wife Agnes, his  three sons (including Joseph) and two daughters, the youngest of whom was not  born until four months after his death.

Senator Daly commented, “As we enter the run up to  the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising we must remember that the families of  the volunteers should be central to all commemoration and celebrations, while we  welcome all nations to attend our celebrations we must ensure the families of  those who gave so much are at the centre of the commemorations for the 1916  Easter Rising.”

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