Head of the National Organ Transplant Authority : Irish Government’s organ transplant policy ‘costing lives’

The head of the Spanish Transplant Authority has come out and agreed with the points being made by Senator Mark Daly in relation to the flawed implementation of EU law on organ donation which Minister James Reilly made additions and changes to before signing into Irish legislation without referring it to the Dail, the Seanad or the Health Committee.

In his Sunday Business Post interview he ‘expressed concern at the Irish Governments failure to create and resource a national transplant authority’.

Senator Daly has consistently stated that Minister Reilly missed an opportunity to transform our transplant system and instead of appointing one national authority to give leadership on organ donation and transplantation, Minister Reilly divided the responsibilities between the HSE and the IMB.

Dr Rafael Matesanz also agreed in his interview with the Sunday Business Post that “the most important thing” Ireland could do to improve its transplant rate was to have dedicated personnel in major intensive care units to ask families and take charge of the entire process of organ donation.

“In the North of Ireland in the last 5 years they have appointed 27 such organ donor coordinators, as a result the donation rates went up by 50%. In the South all such coordination is done on a voluntary basis by the staff. However some hospitals have not donated organs in 10 years. The Minister should act now, for the sake of the 650 people in our transplant waiting list” said Senator Daly.

Senator Daly secured the signature of 20 Senators to force the recall of the Seanad to debate and vote on an annulment of the EU law. The recall will take place between 10am and 12 noon on this Tuesday the 20th of August.

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