Senator Mark Daly Disappointed that Fine Gael are not taking issue of Flawed EU organ donation law seriously

This is the 3rd attack by a Fine Gael parliamentary party member who have sent out to silence me on behalf of Minister Reilly. Why doesn’t the Minister or FG want to discuss how to put in place a proper organ transplant system.

The irish kidney association has welcomed the recall of the Seanad as they believe it is a chance to fix our organ donation system.

We have have 650 people currently awaiting organ transplants in Ireland including heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas. There are more than 1,800 people on dialysis in this country at a cost over 10 years of 1.2 billion euros. We can and must improved our organ transplant system in this country, for the over 500 people waiting for kidney transplants.

We want Minister Reilly to change the flawed EU law on organ donation and transplantation that he brought in last year with out consulting TD, Senators or oireachtas committees. The Minister missed an opportunity to fix our organ transplantation system, by recalling the Seanad we can start the process of fixing the law by annulling this flaw law.

I not going to be distracted by politics on this, FG want to turn this into a debate on the Seanad for their own purposes.

“the reason why I am now calling on Minister Reilly to attend the senate is to have this bill annulled and begin the process of putting in place a proper organ transplant system. The Senate can annul the bill when it is recalled. But we need this important bill to be properly debated and discussed so that the concerns of the IKA and the hundreds of people on waiting lists are addresed and an effective system is put in place. I have consistently sought to have this issue debated and have been illegally been prevented by the Minister and Government. This is wilful arrogance and it is condemning some on waiting lists to a reduced quality of life. I believe in some cases under the proposed system, some people on waiting lists will pass on before an organ transplant is available. This is not acceptable and it doesn’t have to be this way.

The is a duty of care on Minister Reilly to revisit this bill and ensure that it brings about a world class transplantation system such as that in Croatia and Spain. They have moved to the top of the list in terms of transplant in the last 10 years because they have the correct infrastructure in place. This bill as enacted by minister reilly will not deliver this system and as a result people will have to wait longer on dialysis and other waiting lists for life saving operations. It beggars belief that when we have the opportunity to put such a system in place we are ignoring the opportunity. Other parties including Fine Gael and members of the Health Committee agree that this sort of system is required but they too cannot affect change because Minister Reilly can and does ignore best practice that I and the IKA have sought to put in front of him.

I’m pleading with him now to reconsider his approach and meet with the Seanad and other members of the donor community and let’s put in place a system that saves lives, taxpayers’ money and improve the quality of life of those on waiting lists ”

The Senator submitted the letter to the Seanad Cathaoirleach today, with the signatures of 20 Senators, which will force the government to recall the Seanad this August to debate the flawed EU law on organ donation and transplantation.

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