Kerry mothers to be hit with Maternity Benefit Cut this week – Daly

Fianna Fáil Kerry Senator, Mark Daly, says the Government’s budget policy of taxing Maternity Benefit will hit thousands of Kerry mothers this week.

Senator Daly commented: “One of the most senseless cuts the Government introduced in their regressive budget was the taxing of Maternity Benefit for 46,000 women all over the country, including thousands from Kerry.

“Mothers will this week begin to feel the effects of having their Maternity Benefit taxed; this could cost as much as €833 per mother on average but it could cost some mothers as much as €2,700.

“By treating Maternity Benefit as taxable income, there will be a weekly reduction in the payment mothers in Kerry receive every week. Mothers I meet every week in receipt of the allowance will testify to the fact that it is not a luxury and many depend on the payment to be able to survive and provide for their children.

“The Government has promised a move to the Scandinavian style Childcare model; but we have seen no progress on that front at all. Mothers all over Kerry, already forking out more money on the Property Tax, expensive childcare bills and extra local charges, are struggling to survive. The Government now wants to take more money off these mothers but at the same time it does not provide adequate protection and safeguards for children.

“Child Benefit, the One Parent Family Allowance and the Back to School Allowance were cut at the last budget. Kerry families are shocked at the amount of broken promises by this Government. Their anti-family approach has been significant and mothers will this week pay the price for these policies.”


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