Faster Passport service after system changes- DFA

Non-urgent applications only accepted via An Post express service from late June

Passport applications will be cheaper and more efficient when changes to the system are implemented, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Soon the passport service will only be accepting applications through the Passport Express service. It will also turn the pilot appointment system, which started in November 2012, into a full service at the passport office in Molesworth Street, Dublin.
By the end of June 2013 passport applications sent through regular and registered post will be returned to the applicant. They will only be permitted to submit their applications through the Passport Express service provided by An Post exclusively for passports.
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The Department of Foreign Affairs said this will keep passport applications separate from other mail and will provide a faster turnaround of applications for a lower cost.
There is also a new appointment service following on from its piloted success last year. Appointments can be made online for those who need to travel at short notice and appointments can be made for any time from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
The Department said this will cut down on the time spent waiting in line and that those without urgent travelling needs (within 3 to 10 days) should use the Passport Express service.


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