Vote for Mags O’Sullivan to become Ireland’s First Astronaut

Mags O’Sullivan from Kerry is hoping to become the first Irish Woman to Fly to Space in the new Lynx Rocket Space vehicle. She has entered the Lynx Space Academy competition for a chance to fly to actual space and return Ireland’s First Astronaut. The 22 top competitors from around the world will get the opportunity to fly to space and Mags is hoping to be one of them.

I would really appreciate if you could VOTE for her and forward and share her voting link onto all your contacts, family and friends.

To VOTE simply click on this link:
and then click on the vote button above her name. It takes less than a minute to vote!

In October 2011, Mags travelled to Russia where she became the first Irish Woman to fly to the Edge of Space in a MiG 29 Fulcrum. She flew at 1.94 Mach, travelled at 2,030kph, pulled over 6’G’s and flew up into the Stratosphere. She also trained as a pilot in Kerry Aeroclub and she currently flies single engine fixed wing aircraft with Atlantic Flight Training Academy in Cork.

Please VOTE and SHARE.


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