FF alternative budget reverses cuts to Home Help hours – Daly

Fianna Fáil Kerry Senator Mark Daly, says Fianna Fáil’s alternative budget proposals would immediately reverse the cuts to Home Help hours.

Fianna Fáil last week produced its budget 2013 proposals, which aims to protect frontline services while ring fencing education, disability and mental health services.

Senator Daly commented: “Minister James Reilly’s catastrophic handling of the health budget this year has resulted in the grossly unfair cuts to Home Help hours. These cuts target the elderly and the most vulnerable people in Kerry and throughout the country.

“Not only are the cuts wrong but they are a false economy. By reducing this vital support for elderly people and those with disabilities, it will inevitably place more pressure on the acute hospital system. It will result in people having to enter into long stay care or hospital because they cannot cope by themselves. By having the Home Help service, it avoids placing this extra pressure on our already overcrowded hospitals in Kerry.

“Fianna Fáil’s budget proposal, which is fully costed, commits to reversing these cuts by investing €10 million in the service. The budget measures also reverse cuts to third level grants, restores career guidance teachers and provides free GP care for all new born children from the start of next year.

“The progressive budget proposals put forward by Fianna Fáil seeks to chart a fairer way to recovery for Ireland and addressing the cuts to Home Help hours is a central part of that.”


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