Government must take immediate action on rising fuel prices

Kerry Senator Mark Daly has joined others in urging the government to take action as fuel prices continue to soar. Daly commented “The escalating fuel prices are yet another costly expense for people, already being hit hard by daily costs”.

Petrol prices are now heading towards an all-time high of €1.70 a litre.

Senator Daly said “The government need to sit up, take notice and take action. This is a serious matter for people throughout Ireland and the government needs to treat it as such. These high fuel prices will affect many sectors of society including trade and tourism. The government can not continue to ignore this situation”

Last April, Fianna Fail published the Motorists Emergency Relief Bill that could cut both petrol and disel prices by 5 cent a litre. At this point the average price per litre was €1.65.

“As we can all see prices are continuing to increase and I call on the government to review this Bill again and take immediate action”


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