Daly calls on NAMA to provide graduate opportunities through the Jobsbridge initiative

Kerry Fianna Fail Senator Mark Daly has called on the National Asset Management Agency to provide internships and Graduate employment opportunities, particularly for those who have studied across the areas of law, accounting, business and engineering.

With figures being released last week showing the rate of unemployment among under-25s has risen to almost 40% last year, Senator Daly sees NAMA as a company that can provide internship position for the recent graduates.

“These figures clearly show that unemployment is still the most prominent issue for under 25s, to keep our graduates in the country we need to provide new opportunities and avenues of employment and NAMA is in a position to do this”.

There is a huge workload involved in NAMA’s operations, from the administrative to the legal, and of course the on-the-ground construction and basic planning operations that are underway.”

“There is a great opportunity here to utilise the highly qualified resources that are in the hundreds of skilled graduates coming into this field without experience. NAMA should be helping these skilled young people to stay off the dole queue, and give them the ability to gain experience.  I call on NAMA to engage in the upskilling of our young people by taking them on through programmes like jobsbridge and other internship initiatives out of their graduate education and give them the ability to contribute to the company.”

“At the end of the day, NAMA is part of the reshaping of how we will be organising the property sector. With so many young people willing and able, it is imperative that NAMA is part of keeping our graduates”


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