Senator Mark Daly Speaks on the Proposed Referendum

Order of Business

29th of February 2012

Like everyone else, I welcome the proposed referendum. One of the main concerns in respect of the treaty is the role of the European Central Bank and the democratic deficit with which we could be left. Also, there is no reassurance in regard to our common consolidated tax base. There will be a great deal of scaremongering in the run up to the referendum. However, that is part of any debate. Issues such as Ireland being thrown out of Europe, the euro and the EU will be up for debate.

It was stated by a colleague opposite that in my comments I was castigating the Germans. However, I was in that regard quoting German Ministers. The German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schåuble, has proposed that Greece should delay its elections and that a technocrat cabinet should be put in place to run Greece. It is little wonder people are saying the Germans are running Europe. It is little wonder they are saying that when the Germans themselves are proposing that Europe will be run according to their wishes.


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