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Canada has a large Irish community with 6 million Canadians claiming Irish heritage. Over the last number of years the canadian government has increased the number of work visas that the Irish can apply for. Senator Daly is continuing to seek an increase in the Visa available to the Irish to travel to and work in Canada.

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The welfare of the aging Irish community in England is an issue of serious concern to all Irish people. The Senator is working with all those in government and those organizations who seek to improve the situation that many who immigrated to England in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s  find themselves in.

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An estimate of 1 in every 6 australians claim Irish ancestry.

Over the last number of years there has been a large increase in the number of Irish people traveling to Australia to work. An ongoing concern is to ensure that those Irish who do travel do not over stay their visa, which would be breaking Australian law and also affecting their ability to extend they stay or re enter Australia. Ensuring that there are a sufficient number of Australian work visa available for Irish people wishing to there will be part of the Senator’s role.

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New Zealand

While New Zealand is thousands of miles away from Ireland it still has a sizeable Irish Community. Approximately 20% of New Zealanders have Irish Heritage and many Irish citizens are currently travelling to New Zealand in search of work.

Senator Daly aims to ensure that the Irish who do travel to New Zealand do not over stay their visa. If they compromise their position while in New Zealand  by breaking the law for example, their ability to extend their stay or to re-enter the country is affected. Senator Daly endeavors to ensure that there are enough work visas for Irish people who wish to go to New Zealand. 

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With the 5th largest Irish community living overseas, Argentina is a country with huge opportunities for both nations. On-going engagement with the Argentinian embassy and community to explore the many possibilities for the two peoples is part of the Senators commitment to this often unrecognised shared history.

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