1916 Rising Trail

The proposal is to have a green brick or painted trail, similar to the Freedom Trail in Boston, around Dublin City Centre. The trail would pass the main sites that are associated with the 1916 Easter Rising. This would be one of the initiatives as part of our build up to the 2016 Celebrations.

The 1916 Rising Trail would pass by buildings such as the GPO, Liberty Hall, Dublin City Hall, St. Stephen’s Green, etc., which were all involved in the 1916 Easter Rising. Locations such as Wynns Hotel, where the Volunteers were founded, and others associated with the build up to the Rising could also be included in the trail. The trail destination could be the Garden of Remembrance, which is dedicated to those who gave their lives for the cause of Irish independence.



While there are currently proposals for building markers for locations associated with the Rising, an iPhone app could also accompany the Rising Trail to provide additional information. A line of green would serve as a physical reminder of the Rising on the streets of the Capital.

Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance

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